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I’ve been a JustFab member for a long, loong time now, and they’ve provided my closet with many pairs of lovely shoes. Some have been great, some have sucked, some have sizing issues, but through it all, JustFab has been there (with returns, exchanges, and congratulations) and I love the convenience of their business model. In case you’re unfamiliar with the way their site works, I’ll give you a 20-second recap: each month on the first, stylists select several pairs of shoes and several handbags based on your preferences (preferences are determined by a style quiz you take at sign-up). You can buy as many items as you’d like for $39.95 each, or you can skip the month by the 5th and not pay a dime. If you forget to skip, you’ll be charged for one credit ($39.95) and the credit is placed on your account for you to use anytime.

Now that’s out of the way, let’s talk about shoes. While both flats and 5″ heels have very special places in my heart, I’m always on the lookout for a nice mid-height heel because let’s face it – as cute as those 5″ heels look, they’re usually deemed inappropriate for the corporate world. Now let’s not misunderstand each other here – I wear the hell out of some high heels, and height is not the determining factor in whether or not I wear them to work. But we have to keep it real, and mid-height heels just look more polished. One of the cutest heels I saw from JustFab this month is Nicolette, a strappy summer sandal with a moderate four-ish inch heel. I chose the cream color over the coral, and I am VERY pleased! It’s comfortable, casual and dressy all at the same time, and it has a sassy lining below the toes. I anticipate getting a TON of wear from this shoe throughout the summer – peep her pics below, and I’ll add more of my own later.

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