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the coffee did it.

Posted: June 7, 2011 in beauty, talk
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A couple weeks ago I purchased a Groupon for an all-inclusive tooth-whitening kit from Smile Bright – it was $38 for a regularly $99 kit that includes trays (that conveniently secure to one another while all up on your teeth), 10 ccs of intensified hydrogen peroxide (aka whitening gel; 1 cc per treatment), and a mini LED light that’s already mouth-shaped (to prevent you from looking any weirder than you already do with peroxide drool and a flashlight in your mouth).

LED stands for light is radiating through my brain.

My kit arrived yesterday – it wasn’t packaged well, but I’m assuming that’s what the other $61 would have gotten me. For the first full treatment, you’re supposed to do two 20-minute sessions back to back, pausing between only to rinse the saliva from your face and trays, and to apply a new line of gel. The instructions were on three double-sided printed pages (maybe the additional $61 covers the nicely printed material?) and it suggests that some people see a difference in tooth shade after the first 40-minute session.

smile bright instructions

I switched to Sensodyne for about a week and a half before I received the kit because I’ve used store-bought whitestrips before and they hurt my sensitive teeth. It was a good idea; the treatment itself didn’t bother me a bit, but I almost bugged out this morning when I brushed my teeth. My gums were SORE. This is VERY bubbly, quickly-activated peroxide.  I have to say that I did see a slight (emphasis on slight) difference in shade, and was pleased that this kit allows both the front and back of your teeth to whiten. I’m excited to see my final results in about a week. The Smile Bright website also sells individual 10 cc refills of the peroxide gel for only $19, so the white should be easy to maintain (and hopefully my loose-leaf directions were correct in stating that the drool eventually diminishes as the mouth gets used to being blasted with chemicals and blue alien light).