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I’m a BzzAgent. This is the disclaimer I must give before providing you with my review… part of being a BzzAgent is receiving awesome opportunities to try new products free of charge, and give my honest opinion. The last Bzz Campaign I participated in was for Burt’s Bees all-natural facial cleanser and moisturizer for sensitive skin, and I gave my honest opinion that it was garbage (seriously, it was garbage. Stick with their chapstick, skip the rest). This time, I received a free 4lb bag of Science Diet Ideal Balance dog food – I was able to choose a large-breed puppy formula to best fit my dog’s needs.

Let me first point out that dogs are not the pickiest of eaters, so I had my doubts that I’d be able to distinguish any difference in preference between her regular food and this one. Surprisingly, there was! The smaller morsels made it easier for her to eat and within a week, I could tell that her coat was shinier. Since we first adopted her I’ve been concerned by the preservatives and disgusting corn meal found in many dog foods, so I was relieved at the quality of the food. To be honest if it hadn’t been all-natural, I wouldn’t have fed it to her. For more details on the ingredients, visit Then, click on over here and look at the lower right-hand corner to get a rebate for a free bag (or maybe this PDF link will take you directly to the rebate without creating an account!).

Overall, I can honestly say that I am very pleased. 4lbs didn’t last long with our now-80-something-lb German Shepherd, but I can tell you that we’ll be opting for the larger bag next time. 🙂 Check it out and tell me what you think!



With the end-of-year insanity at a full rolling boil, my precious blog has unfortunately gone the way of the Christmas spirit: a.k.a, completely overshadowed by the presents, maniacal shopping, and 2012 preparations/false commitments. Fortunately, the behind-the-scenes goings-on have continued: Sephora boxes arrive on my doorstep weekly, eager to fulfill their role by earning a place in my heart and a recurring designation as a beauty necessity. Just as fortunately, I don’t only shop for myself; my kiddo is blessedly opposite from me (Pisces and Virgo… oh lord) in nearly every way possible (except the smile – that’s all me!) and it’s opened my eyes (and my wallet) to a variety of products. On one head you have my hair (naturally straight, fine strands but a multitude of them, blonde, color-treated, prone to split ends, very long) and then on the other head is my small person (extremely curly, silky texture but prone to dryness and frizziness) and then in the middle is an entire world wide web of solutions.

What I’d also ask my kind readers to keep in mind is that although many of my notes tend to wax superficial, the everyday-mundane can be overwhelming when chronicled in Times New Roman (or horrifying, when in Comic Sans *shudder*). Therefore, in an attempt to avoid a) only talking about beauty products, b) espousing the rad-beyond-rad, possibly-tied-for-best-trip-ever trip to London I just took, and c) continuing to ramble, I will tell you not only about all the decadence that’s newly littering my vanity but a delicious, sit-your-ass-down-and-read-me book which has engulfed me (and weighed down my handbag).

Well, I think I reneged on point c already… but 2/3 ain’t bad, as they say. Let’s begin, shall we? And last things first.

The delicious, sit-your-ass-down-and-read-me book is: 11/22/63, the engulfing new novel from my idol, Stephen King. Whenever I’m lost inside his newest world, I’m reminded of the secret underwater pull of the written word, a glazed-over Bluety riptide that waits for you about three pages in… and this book is no exception. What IF one could go back and prevent Kennedy from being assassinated? How would world events have been altered? Would MLK have been assassinated? Would Vietnam have followed the same course? Would RFK have run for the Democratic endorsement in ’68? Would he have been assassinated as well? Unlikely, but unknown. If there’s anyone fit to tell the story it’s King, and I am his devoted Constant Reader and disciple of words. Eh, I’m giving myself too much credit… but hey, everyone starts somewhere.

Nextly, we venture back onto the Polaroid Express with a serum sure to give you the kind of hair you BEG to have photographed. My newest friend and morning routine staple is Couture Colour Pequi Oil hair treatment serum. I couldn’t tell you with 100% certainty that I am more in love with this than I am with Josie Maran Argan Oil, but they are pretty much on the same level. The smell of JM is better, but I like that the CC promises to protect my golden locks. Truthfully, I wouldn’t leave the house without one or the other on my hair! It smooths, adds incredible shine, increases moisture retention, strengthens, and just all-around guarantees a good hair day (even if all you do is blow-dry and go — which I frequently do. I consider it a fringe benefit of being blonde… most people consider “blonde” a style of its own. I can’t disagree). It does not contain alcohol, parabens, sulfates, synthetic dyes, phthalates, GMOs, or triclosan, and it is not tested on animals.  Cost: $32 for 2 oz or $12 for .5 oz.

Next, the quartet that harmonized my child’s seriously curly locks. Ouidad clamped on like so many tentacles, encircling each hair from root to tip and lovingly encasing it in supple, silky protection. The shampoo and conditioner are full sized (Ouidad Curl Quencher moisturizing shampoo: $15 for 8.5oz; Ouidad Krly Kids 2-in-1 Conditioner: $14 for 8.5 oz), and the products are travel-sized (Moisture Lock Leave-in Conditioner: $9 for 2.5 oz; Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel: $9 for 2.5 oz). Combined with the new silky overnight cap I bought to preserve twisties, fishtail braids, and etc, these products ensure that kid hair is one less thing I have to worry about in the morning.

So hey. There we go, three sections as promised. Guide me with your comments and suggestions. 🙂

the coffee did it.

Posted: June 7, 2011 in beauty, talk
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A couple weeks ago I purchased a Groupon for an all-inclusive tooth-whitening kit from Smile Bright – it was $38 for a regularly $99 kit that includes trays (that conveniently secure to one another while all up on your teeth), 10 ccs of intensified hydrogen peroxide (aka whitening gel; 1 cc per treatment), and a mini LED light that’s already mouth-shaped (to prevent you from looking any weirder than you already do with peroxide drool and a flashlight in your mouth).

LED stands for light is radiating through my brain.

My kit arrived yesterday – it wasn’t packaged well, but I’m assuming that’s what the other $61 would have gotten me. For the first full treatment, you’re supposed to do two 20-minute sessions back to back, pausing between only to rinse the saliva from your face and trays, and to apply a new line of gel. The instructions were on three double-sided printed pages (maybe the additional $61 covers the nicely printed material?) and it suggests that some people see a difference in tooth shade after the first 40-minute session.

smile bright instructions

I switched to Sensodyne for about a week and a half before I received the kit because I’ve used store-bought whitestrips before and they hurt my sensitive teeth. It was a good idea; the treatment itself didn’t bother me a bit, but I almost bugged out this morning when I brushed my teeth. My gums were SORE. This is VERY bubbly, quickly-activated peroxide.  I have to say that I did see a slight (emphasis on slight) difference in shade, and was pleased that this kit allows both the front and back of your teeth to whiten. I’m excited to see my final results in about a week. The Smile Bright website also sells individual 10 cc refills of the peroxide gel for only $19, so the white should be easy to maintain (and hopefully my loose-leaf directions were correct in stating that the drool eventually diminishes as the mouth gets used to being blasted with chemicals and blue alien light).