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I’m a new fan of 30 Seconds to Mars. I’ve heard a couple songs over the years but I never paid any substantial attention to the band until I heard “Closer to the Edge.” Then, I got all up in the 3StM bizness, and discovered… wtf. Jared Leto. I’m all excited and surprised and amazed at his deliciously soulful pipes. Who knew an amazing actor could start and maintain such a successful band? Most actors wouldn’t even try, but our boy Jared went from this:

to this:

Check it out. This song is amazing… Best Buy and Sexy McLeto are in my future. I’m so enamored by their passionate and almost neurological connection to their fans; this is a cult you WANT to be a part of, especially after you hear the kids speak in their video. ANYTHING that supports our youth and gives them a place to turn for shelter from the ugliness that exists in this world should be celebrated and promoted. I know I’m late in realizing that Jared Leto was in the band, but I almost think it’s better. Discovering after the fact let me enjoy their music first, and their frontman second. That’s a rare opportunity. I have a LOT of downloading to do tonight!