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In a continuance of my weeklong Harry Potter mania, I played with green. Well, I wanted to play with green, didn’t have enough green, and then called in the help of a friend, who brought me an ENTIRE BAG OF GREEN! Oh, the joy. Colors used are [base: Urban Decay Green Goddess], [innercorner: L’Oreal 936 Blackened Smokes Silver], [outercorner: Lorac Jade], [outercorner: Urban Decay Zero], [eyeliner: MAC pencil in black/Urban Decay Zero], [eyeliner: Urban Decay Ink for Eyes in Loaded], [middleoflid: Urban Decay Graffiti], [waterline: MAC pencil in black/Urban Decay Zero], [mascara: Urban Decay Supercurl].

So here’s the beginning:

yes, i am as tired as i look! plain face.

And then we have to bring in the tools, so here’s my little brush basket of my favorite and most often used brushes, as well as the giant bag of GREEN, without which this post would not exist. The green smokey eye shown here took I think six brushes (or five? or six?), the products above, and five or ten minutes from beginning to end… but less than a minute to wash off completely so I could go to bed with the above clean face. 🙂 No makeup in bed! EVER! The day will never come that I am too tired or too drunk to wash my face before I go to sleep. Seriously. That’s so nast.

Okay, enough of that rant. Tools and green:



bag of green!

So, Urban Decay Green Goddess to start, and that’s just on the mobile lid. Then I had the hard task of sorting through all the beautiful shades at my disposal to see which would blend best and easiest (I wanted this to take ten minutes or less!). The ones listed above made the cut, and so it began. I decided I wanted it to be moderately wearable, which to me translates into black eyeliner contouring the eye (which for me means ROUND!) on both lash lines and the water line, and then outwardly radiating shades of green, darkening in gradients from silver to black. I did not use a blending brush because it’s my humble opinion that a ring finger gives a much lighter touch and a much more controllable blending experience than any brush. I’m a huge fan of finger blending. It’s good shit.

Urban Decay Green Goddess and MAC black eyeliner pencil, only on upper and lower waterlines

Adding Lorac Jade to the outside

So here we go, ten minutes later and all done! I could totally rock this to see HP… too bad I’m team Gryffindor…

big green eyes


How amazing is this?? Mad Hatter inspired look.