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Posted: August 8, 2011 in beauty, talk
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Well. I suppose anyone, by now, knows that I love tattoos, eyeshadow, music, and writing above all else. I have something else that I’m starting to feel very committed to, but I can’t put it out there just yet. You know how you get to a point (some people call it rock bottom, but I’m not talking about anything even remotely bad enough to justify the use of the term “rock bottom,” I’m just saying, you know, that point of no-more-excuses-this-has-to-be-done) and then it has to happen? Like quitting smoking. Something like that.

ANYWAY. Wow, ramble off-topic much? Good lord. The point I was making is, you already know what’s coming. A lovely eyeshadow look that I can’t wait to try, and something to do with a tattoo. BUT THIS TIME, IT’S BOTH! Ah, lucky us. Let’s start with a combination of ALL THINGS I LOVE: Megan Massacre, an artist from Wooster Street Social Club (Ami’s NY Ink shop), with a gorgeous purple eye that I can’t wait to wear (This photo is courtesy of mozfotostudios; see the photos through her blog and Facebook) at the release party for her Inked Magazine cover… NOW:

megan massacre courtesy of mozfotostudios


Gorgeous, right? Her, her tattoos, her makeup, her talent. I love multi-faceted women; more atypical women should be in our nation’s spotlight in ALL fields. Obviously I realize that not every woman looks like this and not every woman wants to, but it’s not makeup or tattoos or a pretty face that makes a woman multi-faceted and admirable. Intelligence, creativity, depth. It’s all beautiful.

ANYWAY AGAIN. Someone’s a rambling (wo)man this evening. The purple. I love it. And my sister drew this little dragon a long time ago and I want to get him as a tattoo:



Well, not really… it’s more like a newly-discovered extension of an old obsession, but let’s not get picky on the semantics, aright? So. Inked Magazine. It has tempted me from the shelves of many a Walgreens, but I’m not really a magazine girl so despite the obviousness that this would be a magazine that = LOVE, I’ve never grabbed it. Well today, in my mindless web browsing, I came across the zine’s website and can’t click away. There was even a recent feature on NY Ink (I love you, Ami James. Really, I do).

I can’t fully explain my love for tattoos and the incessant craving for more. I can tell you that I consider it a form of art, and I don’t feel like my exterior would be a true representation of my interior if it wasn’t inked. I’ve begun planning for a half sleeve, and I feel like I’m at a bit of a crossroads in a couple ways. First, I have to consider that I will likely be in corporate America for the rest of my life, so unless I move to a significantly more liberal city, win amazing artistic skills in a talent lotto so I can be my own boss,  or commit myself to wearing long sleeves and/or cardigans for the rest of my life, I will have to restrict my future tattoos to easily-covered areas such as back, shoulders and upper arms. That sucks. Second, my husband recently shared that he doesn’t particularly like heavily tattooed ladies. Aaaggghhh, a knife through my heart! So my challenge is to balance my desire for near-complete coverage (but no boob or chest tattoos; I like those areas as they are) with the knowledge that Texas is extremely conservative and my husband’s preferences to see his wife’s skin.

For me (and this is trending on soul-baring, so don’t judge), and I have to admit that I feel this is true for many people, tattoos are an outward expression of an inner emotion. Whether you’ve lost a loved one, or have an inner pain that you’ve fought to overcome (or can’t quite overcome), or identify strongly with some sort of symbology, baring it to the world is a way of facing it. It’s quite literally putting your heart on your sleeve, and it’s why I will never condone a tattoo that comes straight off a parlor wall. By all means, use displayed artwork in a tattoo shop to form an idea or to demonstrate to your artist what you’re looking for, but don’t use an exact copy of what’s shown. It’s not personal and you’re ruining the entire point. I also will not condone Powerpuff Girls or other TV cartoons of any sort. Thoughts?