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Posted: August 8, 2011 in beauty, talk
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Well. I suppose anyone, by now, knows that I love tattoos, eyeshadow, music, and writing above all else. I have something else that I’m starting to feel very committed to, but I can’t put it out there just yet. You know how you get to a point (some people call it rock bottom, but I’m not talking about anything even remotely bad enough to justify the use of the term “rock bottom,” I’m just saying, you know, that point of no-more-excuses-this-has-to-be-done) and then it has to happen? Like quitting smoking. Something like that.

ANYWAY. Wow, ramble off-topic much? Good lord. The point I was making is, you already know what’s coming. A lovely eyeshadow look that I can’t wait to try, and something to do with a tattoo. BUT THIS TIME, IT’S BOTH! Ah, lucky us. Let’s start with a combination of ALL THINGS I LOVE: Megan Massacre, an artist from Wooster Street Social Club (Ami’s NY Ink shop), with a gorgeous purple eye that I can’t wait to wear (This photo is courtesy of mozfotostudios; see the photos through her blog and Facebook) at the release party for her Inked Magazine cover… NOW:

megan massacre courtesy of mozfotostudios


Gorgeous, right? Her, her tattoos, her makeup, her talent. I love multi-faceted women; more atypical women should be in our nation’s spotlight in ALL fields. Obviously I realize that not every woman looks like this and not every woman wants to, but it’s not makeup or tattoos or a pretty face that makes a woman multi-faceted and admirable. Intelligence, creativity, depth. It’s all beautiful.

ANYWAY AGAIN. Someone’s a rambling (wo)man this evening. The purple. I love it. And my sister drew this little dragon a long time ago and I want to get him as a tattoo:




Posted: May 31, 2011 in beauty, talk
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bucket list.

Posted: May 20, 2011 in talk, vids
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In keeping with my commitment to do things I REALLY want to do, I’d like to share another item on my bucket list. As I mentioned before, my bucket list isn’t just things that I want to do before I die… these are things I intend to do SOON… as absolutely soon as possible. I’ve been slightly in love with Ami James since the very first episode of Miami Ink, and it’s a HUGE dream of mine to be tattooed by him. I almost did this once about three years ago, but I couldn’t get the vacation time from work (I still have some lingering bitterness over this, because I had the appointment AND the money). Not only is he insanely talented, he’s definitely easy on the eyes. I want to have a tattoo that is of such high artistic quality that maybe just ONCE someone will appreciate my body art instead of asking me to cover it up. Although I am very happy with all of mine, I know there are better artists out there who could not only draw but ink a tattoo of insane realism and beauty. I eventually hope to have at least a half sleeve and most of my back covered, and if I’m going to go all in like that, the pieces need to be up to par.