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I wish I could take a picture of the fluffy awesomeness that is my hair today, but I’m helping out at a community today and I don’t want anyone to see my nerdy work clothes in a photo. Well, maybe I’ll get over it because this is GOOD STUFF.

Sooo my sister sent me about 15 emails last night with awesome links to do-it-yourself beauty treatments (I am going to try a LOT of the things she sent me and I’ll pass on everything that works!). I wasn’t in the mood for something with more than two ingredients so I did the easiest one – I grabbed a bottle of olive oil from the kitchen, poured a bit in the cup of my hand and ran it through my shower-damp hair. I put a little extra on my ends, which are very dry and janky and need trimming, and slept.

Morning time and shower time comes around, so I fall/stumble/force myself out of bed and look in the mirror, and the ends of my hair look like big clumpy blobs of blonde. “Blech,” I think, “what a bad idea. I look homeless.” BUT THEN! After washing and drying my hair (ooh, I have a new spray, too — Aussie Heat Protecting Shine Spray, which is a mist for your hair before blow-drying or heat-styling), I TOTALLY retracted my homeless thought, because my hair was soft, bouncy, shiny, and NOT JANKY AT ALL. I definitely look like I have a home. It’s amazing.

In conclusion, go to the store and by olive oil, and put it on your hair. I don’t really recommend putting it near your roots (because who needs more oil there?), but the lower half of your hair should do just fine. TRY IT!


I’m still going strong with the ibuprofen/benzoyl mix; I’ve been using it every morning and evening since my post and I’ve seen the most amazing improvement in my skin. Even over the weekend, my skin stayed fresh and only slightly dewy (on weekends, I never use foundation unless I’m going out – just mineral powder for a light evening of my skin tone). I used a bit too much of ibuprofen last night and my skin stung horribly, but hey, lesson learned. Don’t over-do it on the ibuprofen gel.

This week, I bring you a new experiment. During some random YouTube browsing to see if anyone had mentioned the above fix-it, I found another video about oily skin control… and then about a hundred more as I realized that this was not a new development (just one I hadn’t heard of). The strange solution? Milk of Magnesia. Yeahhh, the stomach stuff. I watched this video and read this article and I’ve decided to try it. Don’t worry, I won’t use ibuprofen, benzoyl peroxide and this whacky crap on my face all at once. That’s just asking for trouble.


Post-experiment product (aka NEXT!) = Cover FX’s Skin Tint FX Moisturizing Treatment & Tint, SPF 30 (that was a mouthful).