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You know how Sally Hansen makes sub-par products and then sells them for inflated prices? Yeah, me too. But don’t get me started on Sally Hansen. Do us all a favor and go buy OPI. Same price, better colors, better applicators, better consistency, better quality… see what I’m getting at? Anyway, let’s talk nail art pens. Sally Hansen’s suck, by the way. They don’t give a consistent stream of polish, they’re not thin-tipped enough, and the color choices are lacking. BUT! There is hope! Insert Migi Nail Art pens here (oh wait, I just did it for you). These are pretty rad. They’re priced well, they have several different sets of colors (I like the gold collection and the silver collection), and they come with free refills (plus S&H). They can be used as art pens or as nail polish and can only be purchased online. I found a cute video demonstrating the pens from one of my fave YouTube channels and it is below.

This is ridiculously adorable. I don’t know that I’d do rosebuds all over my nails, but I can definitely come up with some other ideas for these pens. Like eyeballs.