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I have the answer. A co-worker gave it to me, and it IS the answer (second only to 42). If you have extremely oily skin, this is a possible solution.

A few notes: this is NOT for SLIGHTLY oily skin. This is NOT for COMBINATION skin. This is for people who can go through half a pack of blotting sheets in a day and still experience shine, and still have more oil to mop off their skin. This is for people who have oily skin to a definitively extreme extent. If you have normal, dry, or combination skin, this will dry your skin out to the point of flakiness.

These are the items you will need: a small tube of benzoyl peroxide (usually used as a spot treatment for occasional acne) and ibuprofen liquigels. Before trying this, I was already in the habit of using a thin layer of benzoyl over my face each night after cleansing to keep it clean and fresh; if you are not used to using this medication, keep in mind that it may cause excessive drying of your skin. You may also experience a stinging sensation over your face; I do NOT recommend this for sensitive skin.

Wash your face completely to remove all makeup, dirt and oil. Use warm water to open the pores, and pat dry. Cut the tip off one ibuprofen liquigel and squeeze approximately 1/2 of its contents onto your fingertips. Combine with a pea-sized dot of benzoyl peroxide. Mix together with fingertips and then dot over face before rubbing in. With time, this will gradually decrease your skin’s oil production (and may help clear up minor acne); allow at least a week for full results.

I started with this treatment just once a day, at nighttime before bed, and have gradually increased to using it at night and in the morning before I put on my makeup. A week ago, I was using up to 15 blotting sheets per day and still had residual shine. I had to use liquid foundation because I knew that any less coverage would melt off my skin with the oil, and I’d have to fully re-apply makeup at lunchtime. As of today, I am wearing only mineral makeup and have minimal, manageable shine through my t-zone, and I’m about to go to lunch without a touch-up.

As Charlie Sheen would say… WIN!