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bucket list.

Posted: May 20, 2011 in talk, vids
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In keeping with my commitment to do things I REALLY want to do, I’d like to share another item on my bucket list. As I mentioned before, my bucket list isn’t just things that I want to do before I die… these are things I intend to do SOON… as absolutely soon as possible. I’ve been slightly in love with Ami James since the very first episode of Miami Ink, and it’s a HUGE dream of mine to be tattooed by him. I almost did this once about three years ago, but I couldn’t get the vacation time from work (I still have some lingering bitterness over this, because I had the appointment AND the money). Not only is he insanely talented, he’s definitely easy on the eyes. I want to have a tattoo that is of such high artistic quality that maybe just ONCE someone will appreciate my body art instead of asking me to cover it up. Although I am very happy with all of mine, I know there are better artists out there who could not only draw but ink a tattoo of insane realism and beauty. I eventually hope to have at least a half sleeve and most of my back covered, and if I’m going to go all in like that, the pieces need to be up to par.