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Dear husband,

Child skateboarding prodigies such as Mitchie Brusco and Nyjah Huston (even though his growth spurt seems to have knocked off his balance) make me want a son.

Love, me


Bob Burnquist wins X Games gold medal – last week, July 29, 2010.


bee you tea full.

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I LOVE this look; everyone I know would look gorgeous in these colors. The sisters that run pixiwoo are just amazing. With them, everything is easy and lovely and makeup does not have to be expensive, and ANYONE can recreate their looks based on their guidance. It’s fab.


i was watching

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this beautiful video, and I saw Adele with a cig, and it is testing my resolve.



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Aside from husband and child, there is one thing that I love more than ALL OTHERS in the world, and that is Harry Potter. I took the day off on Friday so I can fully immerse myself in J.K. Rowling’s world of enchantment and excitement. Harry Potter tattoos may result.  Non-permanent celebrations will include HP shirts and make-up, so I bring you two of my favorite Harry Potter looks!

This girl’s tutorials SUCK HARD (completely worthless unless you already know how to apply your own eyeshadow), but I greatly enjoyed the colors she chose for this Gryffindor look:


Same for Hufflepuff:


Aaand sorry bad guys, er, I mean Slytherins, all the looks currently on YouTube for you are C-R-A-P. I’m inspired to make my own… hmm. I’ll hit Sephora on my way home and see if there are any inspiring greens, but I think I’ll go Gryffindor for the Thursday night/Friday morning premiere of Deathly Hallows Part II.

If [when] I end up with a tattoo, I’ll make sure to post!

true beauty reflects.

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The first time I heard this song I was driving up Westheimer with my mom… I was probably 14 or 15 because I couldn’t yet drive. It was blasting from a Jeep Wrangler next to us and I immediately made [/asked] her pull into Blockbuster Music (yeah, old school!) and we bought the CD. I remember this event so clearly; ah, the moment a teenager realizes they can choose their own music. Most important day EVER in a kid’s life. A devoted fan was born. Creed was one of my first concerts, too… could have been the actual FIRST, but I can’t remember. I still love Creed… I ain’t ashamed! A girl’s first concert… music she loves… it’s a ethereal thing.



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I love Lilith’s videos. I’m not very dextrous personally, but if you have cooperative fingers she can teach you anything. I’ve managed to recreate several of her looks and as a person who never gave a damn about what my hair looks like, I’ve started to find it fun. This is next on the menu; I’m hoping my hair is long enough! I’ll have to straighten it before curling it to maximize the length, I think, but other than that I should be good.