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love this. love pink.

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aand, pink’s look from the video. these are colors i can dig.






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My trip to Maui was AMAZING; thank you for asking! It was such a beautiful and spiritual trip for me — I felt as if my Gram was with me every step of the way (in reality, she was… I carried her ashes with me every single day and didn’t spread them until my last night on the island. But I’m talking about more of a metaphorical sense here, not literal). Many people asked me how I could take a vacation like this solo… but I mean, come on. Who doesn’t want six days in paradise to center themselves? That’s what I thought. I also took a break from the gym while I enjoyed my trip, but I don’t feel bad for that AT ALL. The reason people burn out on going to the gym is because they think they can’t ever stop. I’m here to tell you that it’s not that serious. Skip the gym if you want to. Maybe don’t skip the gym in favor of Jack in the Box, but you know, it’s whatever. We only get one life here, have a cheeseburger if you want.

Back at home, Sam’s lost her first two teeth and she wants to save her tooth fairy money until all her teeth are gone so she can buy something really cool. I encourage this. It’s about 19 less trips to the store I’ll have to make.

I’ve been rebelling against wearing too much makeup to work since I moved to the corporate office, just because my last boss was a little TOO concerned with appearances. I love makeup and as most of you know, I don’t even leave to HEB without a full face on. Buuut, I have been toning it down at work, just to take advantage of the opportunity for the time being. Well, I’m over it. I like makeup and I love playing with it, and I am pretty blessed to have an unusual eye color that supports a lot of different shadow colors, so screw the natural look (although I am aware that I work at a very conservative company, so it’s not like I’ll be wearing aqua). My only aggravation is that I have VERY oily skin and any foundation tends to melt off as the shine appears. It sucks hard. I still have not found a good solution to this, and I’ve tried a lot of products… the mattifying lotion that Proactiv has is effective but drying (the rest of their products suck hard). I’ve also tried Clinique’s t-zone control and it’s meh at best (this from a very big Clinique fan). Murad also doesn’t do the trick. When I find something, I’ll let you know.

And now, a tribute to my life muse – in case you’re unaware of my deep love for Ms. Jolie, you should know that my daughter is named after her daughter. Yep, Samantha Zahara. Don’t tell Frank. I don’t care about any celeb drama… she’s an amazing role model. She’s a dedicated humanitarian, she’s a brilliant mother, she sees beyond all racial, situational and economic factors, and she loves tattoos. Enough said.

The movie that started my love affair with movies = Scream [and yes, I’m serious]. For anyone who ever recited every single one of “the rules” or wondered why that chick was running up the stairs when she should be running out the front door [verbatim], you will be so ridiculously enamored with the fourth installment that you just won’t know what to do with yourself. First of all, welcome back Kevin Williamson. Thanks for making me wait 14 freakin’ years (Scream 3 was the only installment not penned by Williamson). Gore and entrails aside, Scre4m had all the pop-phenom elements that we loved in the first move, and if you were old enough in 1996 to see the original when it debuted [you know, 11 years old and up], this is your nostalgic movie-slap for the year. It’s almost like Nick bringing back Salute Your Shorts and Hey, Dude and Are You Afraid of the Dark? – or ABC bringing back Step by Step and the rest of TGIF… but way, way better because you can laugh while enjoying the slasher, gotcha-moment experience. Cheers, childhood of horrors. Good to revisit you.

numero uno

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When your mind is constantly running full speed ahead and has an opinion on absolutely EVERYTHING, what do you do? You start a blog, of course, and hope that just maybe, every once in a while, someone will stop by and laugh at or be horrified by what you write.  And, we’re off!