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amaaaazing cover.

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i was watching

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this beautiful video, and I saw Adele with a cig, and it is testing my resolve.


true beauty reflects.

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The first time I heard this song I was driving up Westheimer with my mom… I was probably 14 or 15 because I couldn’t yet drive. It was blasting from a Jeep Wrangler next to us and I immediately made [/asked] her pull into Blockbuster Music (yeah, old school!) and we bought the CD. I remember this event so clearly; ah, the moment a teenager realizes they can choose their own music. Most important day EVER in a kid’s life. A devoted fan was born. Creed was one of my first concerts, too… could have been the actual FIRST, but I can’t remember. I still love Creed… I ain’t ashamed! A girl’s first concert… music she loves… it’s a ethereal thing.



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I’m a new fan of 30 Seconds to Mars. I’ve heard a couple songs over the years but I never paid any substantial attention to the band until I heard “Closer to the Edge.” Then, I got all up in the 3StM bizness, and discovered… wtf. Jared Leto. I’m all excited and surprised and amazed at his deliciously soulful pipes. Who knew an amazing actor could start and maintain such a successful band? Most actors wouldn’t even try, but our boy Jared went from this:

to this:

Check it out. This song is amazing… Best Buy and Sexy McLeto are in my future. I’m so enamored by their passionate and almost neurological connection to their fans; this is a cult you WANT to be a part of, especially after you hear the kids speak in their video. ANYTHING that supports our youth and gives them a place to turn for shelter from the ugliness that exists in this world should be celebrated and promoted. I know I’m late in realizing that Jared Leto was in the band, but I almost think it’s better. Discovering after the fact let me enjoy their music first, and their frontman second. That’s a rare opportunity. I have a LOT of downloading to do tonight!

Besides Sister Hazel, Everclear is one of my favorite bands of all time. Until I saw Sister Hazel live I would have said that Everclear WAS my favorite band of all time, but they are now tied for top honors. My favorite Everclear song is “Learning How to Smile” but since it’s EXTREMELY rare for Art Alexakis to perform that song (kind of like Radiohead and “Creep”), there aren’t really any known videos of this song being performed nor an official video (I found one performance of the song live from Hard Rock in Baltimore, but the audio and video didn’t do it justice), and therefore I don’t have one to share with you. I regret this deeply but I’m hoping to see Everclear in Dallas in June and if, by some beautiful lightening strike from God, Art happens to perform my absolute favorite song of all time, I’ll be sure to record it.

I don’t think anyone should call themselves a fan of a band unless they know every single word to every single song and if they went to a concert of said band and didn’t sing along fully to every single track, I would immediately write them off as a casual listener or a bandwagon fan, and most definitely not a TRUE fan. There are a couple bands I am EXTREMELY snobbish about (I’m channeling my inner rocker with this post, so the focus is only on the alternative/rock genre) – Sister Hazel, Everclear, Foo Fighters, Train, Fuel, Staind… to name a few. Also, if you don’t know the lead singer’s first name, you’re definitely not a fan. Ken Block, Art Alexakis, Dave Grohl, Patrick Monahan, Brett Scallions and then Toryn Green, Aaron Lewis… and then of course you have Bono, Dave Matthews, Eddie Vedder, Kurt Cobain, Steven Tyler, Anthony Kiedis, Scott Weiland, James Hetfield, Joe Elliot, Robert Plant, Thom York, Roger Waters, Bon Jovi, Chris Cornell, Jim Morrison… if you can’t name the band that every single one of these men frontlined off the top of your head, you can’t call yourself a fan of music. I’m really lucky to have a husband who has an amazingly broad range in music, and over the years we’ve really influenced each other and opened up previously-unknown genres to one another. I enjoy literally every kind of music there is and I’m always open to hearing a new artist or band. I have my favorites (as you can tell by my mentions of Sister Hazel every five minutes and my paragraph-long tribute to Everclear), but I just all around love me some music.

Please enjoy my two favorite Foo Fighters songs of all time, since I can’t bless you with “Learning How to Smile.” *Update – Vevo doesn’t share, but you can link through to YouTube below.

2011 has turned into kind of a bucket-list-year for me, but not in the morbid sense. I think it started with the 2010 Christmas party at my previous office; my boss made us all make a secret list of goals we wanted to accomplish for ’11, and seal it in an envelope. We’re all going to have a dinner at the end of the year to see if we made good on our goals; some were personal and some were professional. For my personal goals, there were three biggies: 1) take a badass trip; 2) buy a new car; 3) increase my 401K contributions. I am very proud to say that only five months into 2011, I have already accomplished ALL THREE of my goals. Like, whoa (right?!). Anyway, the whole thing inspired me. I’ve done more badass shit this year that I usually accomplish in two. I’m all kinds of fun. It’s rekindled my love for music and I’ve gone to some REALLY GOOD concerts. It has also made me want to continue this trend for as long as possible. One of the next items on my list is to see a concert at Red Rocks in CO. If you’ve never seen this venue, you suck at life. I’m kidding. But it’s badass. Check (watch for the first minute or so to see the awesome views inside the amphitheater):