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1. I don’t give a crap what you’re eating for breakfast, brunch, lunch, supper, dinner, or a snack. I know what food looks like. I don’t need to see your photos.

2. Instagram is LAME. Guess what? Sepia tint does not make your subpar picture look any better.

3. If your friends live in the same city, they know what the outside temperature is; a photo of the thermometer on your car’s dash is not necessary. If they don’t live in your city, they have if they just mustknowimmediately what temperature it is where you are.

4. All martinis, margaritas, and other happy hour drinks look the same. See #1.

5. I love my friends, I SWEAR I love you all… but butting in is just as rude online as it is offline. Sooo if you see me posting/talking to my husband, or family, or another friend, and it clearly has nothing to do with you… bug off.


The end.