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And since I owe y’all a few posts, I definitely want to take a moment to share a new website I’ve begun using. It’s and if anything ever deserved to be called an easy button, this is IT. Eff logging into a million different accounts each month to pay bills and wondering if you forgot one, or if there’s anything due. connects to your accounts (mine is connected to the gas company, DirecTV, AT&T, cell phone, Netflix, my car loan, my auto insurance, even Groupon! I use a small electric provider so they weren’t available, but there are close to 3000 merchants connected and chances are you will find yours) and all accounts and current balances are shown on ONE PAGE in a user-friendly, simple, clean layout. Apps also available for iPhone and in the Android Market. Check it out; I hope you love it as much as I do!


In one of my many days spent browsing the internet (who knows what I was looking for… maybe deals on a ping pong table? a Nook? a new Urban Decay palette?), I came across a website called It’s set up as a personal online hair color consultation and formulation website, and so far I am VERY impressed. Home hair coloring is no longer for the cheap people who won’t pay to have it done at a salon – it can be done, and done well, on your own. I’ve always believed this, and regularly touch up my own roots at home or make all-over changes when I’m bored with my head.

Anyway, back to eSalon. You begin with a thorough questionnaire, which identifies your general shade, the tone, undertones, which treatments you’ve previously used, which ones you’ve used recently, and your desired new shade and tone. Let me put this out there – they have TONS of shades to choose from, and they will grey out some shades as unselectable (yes,I made up that word) based on your answers, desired results, and skin tone (you’re encouraged to upload photos of yourself so the colorists can get a feel for your style, current hair color and skin tone).

So you’ll start with this:

And then go through a five- or six-minute questionnaire that begins like this:

And gives you a broad color selection, like this:

After you receive your results, you are able to chose from a rainbow of new haircolor selections. As part of the questionnaire, you’re asked about the length and style of your hair – as a “long-haired, no-layers,” my first kit came with an extra-large bottle to ensure that I had enough color for ALL my hair. The kit came in lovely packaging – it was a sturdy, gift-wrapped box with an instruction booklet, a personalized card detailing my selected color and some particulars (I really liked this part – it included a note saying, “The normal recommended leave-in time for this color is 35 minutes; based on your photos and current hair color, your application should be left on for only 25 minutes”). It also came with a brush and bowl (for applying color, not to comb hair), gloves, a cap, a “stain guard” to put on your skin around your hairline, a “stain remover” and gauze in case you miss a spot, and a packet called “Shine and Rinse” to ensure even color distribution and to lock in pigment and shine. All in all, I was EXTREMELY impressed with the presentation.

The first doubt I had was when I saw the size of the bottle – although larger than normal, I wasn’t convinced that it would be enough to cover my long hair. Surprisingly, it was! The clarity of the pigment was impressive, it was low-odor, and I could see the color developing before my very eyes. The entire process was simple and fast, and a week later I am still very impressed with the quality. There has been no fade-out, no missed strands, and no loss of luster or shine. So far, I’m happy. Now, here’s something cool; within your own account, you have the opportunity to leave a note for your colorist in case you want a bit of a change in your next shipment. For example, I like my color but as far as shade goes, I find it a bit cool for these fall months. So, I left my stylist a note that I’d like it a bit warmer next time, and once it’s sent, my profile photo showing my personal shade will be updated. All in all, I’m pleased. I’ll let you know if I experience any negatives in the future (with fade out, or with my new shade in a couple months) but so far I’m really enjoying this service. It’s like Nerflix for my hair.