As an extremely fair-skinned individual who has been on an unending search for the world’s best foundation, I finally slammed the brakes on that expensive hit-or-miss game. At about $40 a bottle, sampling foundations is no cheap feat, and my feats definitely need to be cheap lately. I took stock. What is going on with my face that I want to cover? Why do I need full-coverage foundation at 26? What are MY facial concerns? This is what I came up with: overall dullness of complexion, a very oily T-zone, and a lack of evenness of skin tone. “Well shit,” I thought, “foundation won’t fix ANY of that, but if I divert the money spent into quality skin care…” and here we are. Meet my muses:

First: Origins Clean Energy gentle cleansing oil. Yes, I of the oily skin, clean my face every night with an oil-based cleanser. It doesn’t strip away my skin’s natural moisture, and therefore my skin doesn’t produce as much oil. This stuff is really, I mean REALLY, magical. With about a quarter-sized bit of the oil on my fingertips, I can rub it over my entire face and it literally melts away all my makeup (waterproof, gel eyeliner, concealer, even Benefit’s Stay Don’t Stray makeup primer, which is amazing on but notoriously hard to remove) with only one wash. It’s my BFF. It’s silky and delicious and cleans deeper than anything I’ve ever used without disturbing the natural pH of my skin. Result: my skin was more evenly toned after about five days of use, and oh-so-glowy! Cost: $21.

Second: my morning cleanser! It smells like a delicious fruit pie, and since it does exactly what Origins states it does, I’ll let you read it from the horse’s mouth: “Simply swirl this lush-lathering, fruit-smoothie of a face wash over splashed-moist facial skin and let the Extract of crushed Papaya coupled with creamy cleansers dispose of dingy, dried up cells. Melts makeup, dirt and pore-clogging debris to further banish bleakness. Skin emerges fresh, radiant. Never stripped or dry.” Result: My skin is GLOWING, it’s radiant, and it has a luster that it hasn’t had since I was preggo. It’s genius and gentle and takes less than a pea-sized amount for each wash, which means the bottle lasts a reeeeeeally long time. Cost: $19.50

Last but not least (dear Lord, I originally wrote “leased…” too much work on the brain), the miracle moisturizer I told you about previously: Origins Balanced Diet lightweight moisture lotion. Never has my combination skin been so in-check. This enhances the glow and overall gorgeousness I’ve obtained by using the previous products. I thought the bottle was really small when I got it, but like the other products, you need so little that it lasts for a very long time. Cost: $26.00

Overall result: I use significantly less foundation on the days I do wear it, because I’m happier with the sheerest of coverage. On the days I don’t wear foundation (which are increasing in number), I dust on some mineral powder and call it a day. I don’t want to cover my skin anymore! It just goes to show, once you discover the root of an issue, you’re that much closer to solving it. What are your skincare miracles?

  1. Nothing makes me happier than hearing about when a girl finds her cosmetic soul mates 🙂 I love AmorePacific & Clarisonic (but you already knew that).

  2. sockmonkeey says:

    they ARE my soul mates, that is the perfect way to word it! i never thought i would like my real skin. it’s fan-freakin-tastic.

  3. sockmonkeey says:

    P.S. as soon as one of the mini-Clarisonics goes on sale, it’s coming home to me.

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