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oh, hello there. just a chat.

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long time. wow. i guess for once, i can honestly say that life is trying to get one over on me. i don’t think i have ever felt so… just TIRED; i feel like i haven’t had a minute’s escape from REAL LIFE in months and it just kills me. i don’t remember ever feeling quite this downtrodden before, so i’ve been doing my best to just live and hope this all passes. i couldn’t really tell you if it’s working.

so this afternoon, whilst sitting outside in a slightly muggy breeze, i have this lovely realization: i like tough guys. i’ve sometimes scrolled through the kind of men i find GIANTLY attractive and what on earth they could have in common, and it just came to me. it’s not BAD guys, it’s TOUGH guys.  smokin’. oh yeah, and a shaved head isn’t so bad, either. or patrick dempsey. or rdj. clive owen. gerard butler. ooh, or that cop from law and order something. dear god, thank you for eye candy. amen.

i had an insane dilemma a couple weeks ago when i was registering small-person for kindergarten; i had to choose an ethnicity. only ONE box could be checked, and there was no “other” or “biracial.” i couldn’t get husband to answer the phone and i’m telling you, it was a ridiculously big deal, i just COULD NOT DECIDE. but i had to. wow, unexpected life choices in the middle of the afternoon on a thursday.

one of my oldest and best friends had a birthday last week, and i’m ridiculously happy for him. i mean, this is the kind of friend i could go a year without talking to, and he’d still know me better than just about anyone. it’s a soul friend kind of thing. so anyway, he has this AMAZING fiancée who is the sweetest, loveliest, most genuine kind of woman you could ever wish for as a friend, let alone as a wife for your BFF. he had a giant birthday party and he looked so happy and was surrounded by people who love him, and it’s exactly the sort of thing you wish for a person you love.

i really wish i had something rad to share. i’m telling you, it’s this thundercloud over my head. lord. well, i told myself i would put forth at least three beautiful things, so to wrap up…


#bible. #truth.

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James 3:7-9

7 For every kind of beast and bird, of reptile and sea creature, can be tamed and has been tamed by mankind, 8 but no human being can tame the tongue. It is a restless evil, full of deadly poison. 9 With it we bless our Lord and Father, and with it we curse people who are made in the likeness of God.

okay, i know it’s super annoying to have to click to another link, but look at this girl’s hair. this is so awesome. if my hair was that long, and everyone didn’t have their heads up their you-knows, and colorful bodies weren’t opressed, i would do this to my hair right now and be the happiest rainbow-headed girl EVER. this is what inner me looks like. rainbow freakin brite.


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since we got mark wahlberg’s back muscles…


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Well. I suppose anyone, by now, knows that I love tattoos, eyeshadow, music, and writing above all else. I have something else that I’m starting to feel very committed to, but I can’t put it out there just yet. You know how you get to a point (some people call it rock bottom, but I’m not talking about anything even remotely bad enough to justify the use of the term “rock bottom,” I’m just saying, you know, that point of no-more-excuses-this-has-to-be-done) and then it has to happen? Like quitting smoking. Something like that.

ANYWAY. Wow, ramble off-topic much? Good lord. The point I was making is, you already know what’s coming. A lovely eyeshadow look that I can’t wait to try, and something to do with a tattoo. BUT THIS TIME, IT’S BOTH! Ah, lucky us. Let’s start with a combination of ALL THINGS I LOVE: Megan Massacre, an artist from Wooster Street Social Club (Ami’s NY Ink shop), with a gorgeous purple eye that I can’t wait to wear (This photo is courtesy of mozfotostudios; see the photos through her blog and Facebook) at the release party for her Inked Magazine cover… NOW:

megan massacre courtesy of mozfotostudios


Gorgeous, right? Her, her tattoos, her makeup, her talent. I love multi-faceted women; more atypical women should be in our nation’s spotlight in ALL fields. Obviously I realize that not every woman looks like this and not every woman wants to, but it’s not makeup or tattoos or a pretty face that makes a woman multi-faceted and admirable. Intelligence, creativity, depth. It’s all beautiful.

ANYWAY AGAIN. Someone’s a rambling (wo)man this evening. The purple. I love it. And my sister drew this little dragon a long time ago and I want to get him as a tattoo:


I wish I could take a picture of the fluffy awesomeness that is my hair today, but I’m helping out at a community today and I don’t want anyone to see my nerdy work clothes in a photo. Well, maybe I’ll get over it because this is GOOD STUFF.

Sooo my sister sent me about 15 emails last night with awesome links to do-it-yourself beauty treatments (I am going to try a LOT of the things she sent me and I’ll pass on everything that works!). I wasn’t in the mood for something with more than two ingredients so I did the easiest one – I grabbed a bottle of olive oil from the kitchen, poured a bit in the cup of my hand and ran it through my shower-damp hair. I put a little extra on my ends, which are very dry and janky and need trimming, and slept.

Morning time and shower time comes around, so I fall/stumble/force myself out of bed and look in the mirror, and the ends of my hair look like big clumpy blobs of blonde. “Blech,” I think, “what a bad idea. I look homeless.” BUT THEN! After washing and drying my hair (ooh, I have a new spray, too — Aussie Heat Protecting Shine Spray, which is a mist for your hair before blow-drying or heat-styling), I TOTALLY retracted my homeless thought, because my hair was soft, bouncy, shiny, and NOT JANKY AT ALL. I definitely look like I have a home. It’s amazing.

In conclusion, go to the store and by olive oil, and put it on your hair. I don’t really recommend putting it near your roots (because who needs more oil there?), but the lower half of your hair should do just fine. TRY IT!

hah. hahaha.

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1. I don’t give a crap what you’re eating for breakfast, brunch, lunch, supper, dinner, or a snack. I know what food looks like. I don’t need to see your photos.

2. Instagram is LAME. Guess what? Sepia tint does not make your subpar picture look any better.

3. If your friends live in the same city, they know what the outside temperature is; a photo of the thermometer on your car’s dash is not necessary. If they don’t live in your city, they have if they just mustknowimmediately what temperature it is where you are.

4. All martinis, margaritas, and other happy hour drinks look the same. See #1.

5. I love my friends, I SWEAR I love you all… but butting in is just as rude online as it is offline. Sooo if you see me posting/talking to my husband, or family, or another friend, and it clearly has nothing to do with you… bug off.


The end.

Dear husband,

Child skateboarding prodigies such as Mitchie Brusco and Nyjah Huston (even though his growth spurt seems to have knocked off his balance) make me want a son.

Love, me

Bob Burnquist wins X Games gold medal – last week, July 29, 2010.