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The movie that started my love affair with movies = Scream [and yes, I’m serious]. For anyone who ever recited every single one of “the rules” or wondered why that chick was running up the stairs when she should be running out the front door [verbatim], you will be so ridiculously enamored with the fourth installment that you just won’t know what to do with yourself. First of all, welcome back Kevin Williamson. Thanks for making me wait 14 freakin’ years (Scream 3 was the only installment not penned by Williamson). Gore and entrails aside, Scre4m had all the pop-phenom elements that we loved in the first move, and if you were old enough in 1996 to see the original when it debuted [you know, 11 years old and up], this is your nostalgic movie-slap for the year. It’s almost like Nick bringing back Salute Your Shorts and Hey, Dude and Are You Afraid of the Dark? – or ABC bringing back Step by Step and the rest of TGIF… but way, way better because you can laugh while enjoying the slasher, gotcha-moment experience. Cheers, childhood of horrors. Good to revisit you.


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When your mind is constantly running full speed ahead and has an opinion on absolutely EVERYTHING, what do you do? You start a blog, of course, and hope that just maybe, every once in a while, someone will stop by and laugh at or be horrified by what you write.  And, we’re off!